A Win-Win Option: Add Call-Back Option For Both Contact Center Agents and Customers

February 5, 2018 / GuidesFor Team

Contact centers are under great scrutiny when it comes to the services they provide. It is a reality that not all contact centers have the big budget to run the company. Oftentimes, numerous calls are put on hold. When this happens, customers get impatient and often provide negative feedback. With this concern, contact centers add a call-back option. However, as one prods deeper, owners will realize that adding a call-back option has its limits. Setting up can be a big headache to technical managers. The article suggests hiring a third-party.

What is nice about adding call-back options is that it reduces telco costs. A company will not survive if its expenses exceed its income. Putting a call on hold increases the per-minute cost with a telco. Another advantage in adding call-back options is that it improves customer satisfaction. 

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