AI, Customer Care and Contact Centers: Their Relationships

February 5, 2018 / GuidesFor Team

Science-fiction movies often fascinate their viewers with the seeming technological fantasies that their plots use. They even seem to mirror the reality that happens in the world. Gone are the days where fiction follows Science. Now, Science follows fiction.

Contact centers are not exempt from these technological advancements. With the omnichannel invasion, there is now integration of phone calls, live chat, and the use of other media platforms. 

The question now is how AI is related to customer care and contact centers. These three are very much related as Ai will become  the tool for contact centers. 

It is daunting to think that in the near future, customers will completely interact with bots to provide solution to their concerns. The algorithm of machines will be directed to handling these issues. Hopefully it will result in more improved service in the contact centers.

~~Lornajane Altura

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