When to Use Period in Communications in Contact Centers

February 5, 2018 / GuidesFor Team

Period. Its use can make or break a deal. Really? So, it seems.

Contact centers are now in a great divide when it comes to the use of the period. Clients range from baby boomers to millennials. Contact centers find themselves in a dilemma as to the proper usage of a period.

One of the rules stated explicitly in this article is in knowing one’s target audience. If a contact center sells products and services that mainly cater to millennials, then it may be appropriate NOT to use  a period. Millennials think that a sentence with a period means an end to a conversation. Some even think that a person is angry when using one.

However, if the clients are mainly baby boomers and are professionals, then it is a must to adhere to grammar rules.

Contact centers must be updated and be aligned as to the “proper” time in using periods. They must also be sensitive in dealing with various customers from various generations. ~~ Lornajane Altura


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