How Contact Centers Evolve to Empower Customers to Take Action

October 29, 2018 / GuidesFor Team

Modern-day contact centers have evolved greatly not just to provide better customer experience but also help agents achieve work-life balance. The digital revolution has transformed contact centers at a rapid pace with the availability of mobile computing, analytics, and social media platforms. The 2015 Dimension Data benchmarking report showed that 42 percent of respondents experienced decline in voice-based customer service, and 87 percent had an increase in non-voice engagements.

Industry experts at the CCW 2018 conference highlighted the impact of the digital age to contact centers. Customers today are smarter than they have ever been, and while they need resolutions to their problems, they need empowerment and not spoon-feeding. Cloud computing allows contact centers as companies to save costs on IT infrastructure and personnel since their data is backed up in the cloud. – Rub Valdez

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